Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hannah as a first grader

This is Hannah on her first day of first grade. She and her friend Emily are wearing coordinating outfits which is funny because it wasn't planned, and they did the same thing in Kindergarten (also unplanned) so now they are planning on continuing the tradition. And they are both missing the same top tooth! I asked Hannah how school was and she said that first grade was easier than kindergarten. She explained that now she knows more Spanish so she can understand the teacher better (for math and science). We started car pooling with another family (3 boys, a 5th grader and twin 2nd graders) that lives in our neighborhood. This weekend we played at the neighborhood park and Hannah asked if we could walk by their house on our way home "just in case they are outside playing." It made me smile. We did stop by their house for a visit. She seems to have grown a lot since Kindergarten with interacting with people she doesn't know as well. I love this girl so much. And I love that she loves school!

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Coordination Queen said...

Such cute little girls! Yay that she likes 1st grade. I hope that sticks. :)