Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hannah as a first grader

This is Hannah on her first day of first grade. She and her friend Emily are wearing coordinating outfits which is funny because it wasn't planned, and they did the same thing in Kindergarten (also unplanned) so now they are planning on continuing the tradition. And they are both missing the same top tooth! I asked Hannah how school was and she said that first grade was easier than kindergarten. She explained that now she knows more Spanish so she can understand the teacher better (for math and science). We started car pooling with another family (3 boys, a 5th grader and twin 2nd graders) that lives in our neighborhood. This weekend we played at the neighborhood park and Hannah asked if we could walk by their house on our way home "just in case they are outside playing." It made me smile. We did stop by their house for a visit. She seems to have grown a lot since Kindergarten with interacting with people she doesn't know as well. I love this girl so much. And I love that she loves school!

Jacob's first day of preschool

This is Jacob after his first day of preschool. Doesn't he look so happy? I was wondering how he would do especially since there were some criers in his class this morning, but once he pulled out a game, he was good. He had made a letter for his teacher and her aide and Hannah had written a letter to Miss Cindy also. Hannah's letter asked to be informed on how Jacob did in class and Miss Cindy wrote a letter back that Jacob had done great. She told me that he was just happy go lucky all day. I am so glad that he is finally in school, he has been ready for a while now and it is so fun for him to have this thing that is just his.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Girls camp

I just got back from girls camp and it was so much fun! That is the first time I have been to camp since I was a young woman. Whew, pretty weird to be on the leader side of it this time. All the girls were great, I love them so much. Hopefully I will get some pictures from other people because I didn't bring a camera. I went up on the high ropes C.O.P.E. course ( don't know what it stands for) which is a course of logs or ropes thirty feet off the ground (you wear a harness and have a belay person on the ground like in rock climbing). I was surprised at how much my legs were shaking when I got up on the course. I loved hearing the girls' testimonies and getting to know them better. After snuggling with my kids when I got home, I took a shower and slept for about six hours.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hannah's photo shoot

Natalie's birthday present to Hannah was a photo shoot. Hannah was beyond excited. Natalie said that she underestimated Hannah's stamina for having her picture taken. They took over 240 pictures with multiple outfits, backgrounds, and props. That is love.

Major bling
I really love this one

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hannah and Jeff at Carol's retirement party

How I love this girl! I need to get more pictures of her now that school is out. I recently bought her some new hairbows and rehung her hair bow holder that had fallen down. She was putting the hair bows back on and told me that she was putting them in alphabetical order.

Me: Do you mean color order?
H: No, alphabetical
Me: for them to be alphabetical they would need names
H: I call this one Twirly

Lego chick house

Jacob loves legos and he loves these little fuzzy chicks. Here is a lego house he built for them

Chick in an airplane
The two chicks in front are on a white sofa. Notice the blue and yellow coffee table. The slanted thing beyond the table is their tv. The two chicks in the back room are sleeping on their yellow beds.

Turning over a new leaf!

I hereby make the goal to blog at least once a week. Here goes.
Here is my boy making a silly face while stirring something. I think Jeff was making cupcakes with them. Yes, our banana holder is empty. sigh.

I love this picture. We have Jacob wear ties to church because A. I think he looks adorable, and B. I am hoping that he will just be used to it and it will never be an issue. It's an issue. As he was sitting with my dad at church he complained that he doesn't like the top button of his shirt being buttoned. My dad quietly confided: I don't like it either.
I love my boy